High Brightness Reflective Outdoor Raincoat Set

The waterproof comfort fabric is not only waterproof, but also soft and comfortable. Even if you use it in the rain, you don't have to worry about getting wet. It has the characteristics of waterproof, soft, comfortable, anti-oxidation, non-degumming, odorless, etc. It is used for hiking, outdoor sports, camouflage, construction, luggage handling, security, traffic control, surveying, landscaping, paving, railway, sanitation and volunteering By.

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This lightweight and durable raincoat features two large waterproof pockets on the front for convenience. The suture is treated with special waterproof glue, so that the product has high toughness, and it will not be drummed for a long time. The double sealing design prevents water leakage at the zipper. 2 vertical reflective strips and 1 horizontal reflective strip, 2" wide front and back, for maximum visibility in all weather and light conditions. Keeps you dry and comfortable in the wettest weather. Lightweight and packable, made with durable and high-quality materials. This stylish waterproof raincoat is designed to be convenient and easy to wear. On the back of the item, we designed airflow holes. The inner mesh lining design allows for excellent air circulation. The new brim blocks the sun, but still gives you a clear view. At the top of the hat, we designed a Velcro fastening to adjust the height of the double brim. Removable brim for multitasking in a variety of environments. This stylish waterproof rain gear is perfect for daily work, fishing, hiking, mills, road construction, wood harvesting, agriculture, mining, shipyards, forestry, utilities, hunting, food processing, and more. Suitable for all occasions. Dellee Ming exquisite well-made, always consider for the customer everywhere, is the choice you customized safety rain suit! The above features are our safety rain suit, if you need custom safety rain suit, welcome to contact us.

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